Natuzzi – High Point Building

Want to see Natuzzi’s flagship store, shopping for a Natuzzi sofa and want to be right in the heart of the company? Then head for the half-ship-shaped building at High Point, christened in 1986 for Italian furniture makers Natuzzi.

Natuzzi High Point building in America is a 4-story low-rise building in High Point, North Carolina, U.S.A. The building has been locally sometimes called the Titanic, because of it's ship like shape on one side. The High Point building truly is a really uniquely shaped building that you would expect from such furniture connoisseurs; this building certainly stands out and makes a statement in this old down town area.

As you enter the boat shaped building there’s an enormous structure with a bunch of flat screens in the main lobby way and the inside of the building is hollow in the middle like a hull of a boat, the centre has breeze ways crossing over several times on all three floors and as you proceed further you see the beginning of a four-story open corridor.

At a higher elevation is the ship’s building’s porthole, captured against the zigzag pattern of the floor plates as the building widens- widening to accept a full-corridor width corridor which stretches almost the entire length of the building and stretches to the glass ceiling. 

In all four stories, Natuzzi’s building program is separated by the corridor, spanned with steel bridges with glass panel floors. Natuzzi has a full-service bar for events and a theater with a show room and a cafe and set up meals for us at least twice a day, The food has and Italian flair and is of course exceptionally good. It includes Mr. Natuzzi’s private residence when he visits North Carolina.